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Why should I use Yaeld rather than a free linux distribution ?


Desktop linux distribution are not suited for embedded devices. They are compiled for a given architecture, and not optimized for a specific processor. According to your device architecture, they might not be available at all. Yaeld is available for many architectures, and optimized for a wide range of processors. It will only include the necessary packages for your application.


Why should I use Yaeld rather than building a linux distribution from scratch ?


It is possible to build from scratch a complete linux distribution. There are very good tutorials on the internet for this. It takes a long time and a deep knowledge of linux and the cross compilation. It is hard to maintain over time, when packages versions evolves. The real issue comes when an application has dozen of dependencies. Without an automated build system, this is impossible to handle. Yaeld provides pre-built optimized packages and will handle dependencies for you.


My architecture / processor is not supported by Yaeld.


Please contact us. Maybe we are already working on it.


I need the package XXX but it is not present in the package database.


You can download the sources and build the package with the Yaeld toolchain. It is then possible to add it in the Yaeld package database, so all your projects can use it.


When will Yaeld be available ?


The first release of Yaeld is ready ! Please consult us for more informations on the availability for your platform.